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QuickBooks Module

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The only QuickBooks integration module runs on ActiveCollab 3 and 4!

Important notice: your ActiveCollab must run on HTTPS (A security requirement by QuickBooks Web Connector)

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· Utilize QuickBooks Web Connector, the recommended way of integration by Intuit.
· Export ActiveCollab company as QuickBooks customer
· Export ActiveCollab project as QuickBooks job
· Export ActiveCollab timetracking as QuickBooks time record
· Support service item and payroll item mapping
· (Future) Export invoice
· (Future) Support Multicurrency

Background Process

Module uses a modern asynchronous approach to export data to QuickBooks.

  1. Module pushes a request (daily automatically or manually) to export Customer, Job or Time Record to a queue it maintains.
  2. QuickBooks Web Connector (automatically or manually) pulls data from queue and save to QuickBooks.
  3. QuickBooks Web Connector returns result to the module.
  4. Module generates logs and email if any error occurred and send to all users in administrator+finances role.