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ActiveCollab module compatibility update

Our LDAP, Custom Fields, CRM, QuickBooks modules are all compatible up to 4.2.17.

We are always in business to be compatible.

ActiveCollab module compatibility update

Our LDAP, Custom Fields, CRM, QuickBooks modules are all compatible up to 4.2.16. We are always in business to be compatible.

ActiveCollab version 4.2.x

The following modules are tested and compatible with activeCollab 4.2.x:
Custom Fields
Visit History

Due to the changes to the user roles, when you upgrade LDAP module from 3.x to 4.x, make sure you go to the LDAP settings page re-save the settings.

Purchase platform, support and module compatibility

Recently we upgraded our purchase gateway to Avangate. With avangate you will be paying directly to Avangate using various payment methods such as credit card or PayPal.

After a successful order placement, you will receive a notification email from Avangate. Then you will be able to login to our backend (AC4 based) and download the modules.

All our modules are now AC 4.1.x compatible. Once you purchase, you will automatically get one year free upgrade subscription. You can even go to your module's admin page to check for upgrades.

We encourage you enroll automatic upgrade subscription to always keep up-to-date with our updates.

Include user as sender name in email notifications

By default, email notifications coming from activeCollab contains owner company name as the sender. Such as this:

Title: [Project A] New task has been posted
From: Example Company
To: You

You have no idea who created this task unless you look into the email body, right? That's quite inconvenient. Let's hack it!

Modify /activecollab/application/modules/system/models/ApplicationMailer.class.php, go to about line 130 (varies by version) and add the following code:

$from_name .= '-'.get_logged_user()->getDisplayName();
} elseif($replacements['created_by_name']) {
$from_name .= '-'.$replacements['created_by_name'];

So it will look like this:


Title: [Project A] New task has been posted
From: Example Company-John Doe
To: You

Preparing modules for activeCollab V3

As everybody is anxious waiting for activeCollab V3, we are not resting too!

The good news is we are on good track migrating our existing modules to V3.

Here is a screenshot for the admin page of our LDAP module running in V3 (click to enlarge).

How to add table support in the text editor (tinyMCE)

Many requests have been made asking for adding table support in the text editor:

But due to some unknown reason A51 never enabled table support comes with tinyMCE. Now, please allow me roll out an un-official way of enabling the long lost table button (bonus: font color picker button as well) in activeCollab's text editor.

1. Install the tinyMCE table plugin

Download the table plugin zip I pulled from official tinyMCE 3.4.1 repository. Extract/upload the table folder into /public/assets/javascript/tinymce/plugins

2. Edit /public/assets/javascript/tinymce/tiny_mce_init.js to enable the table button (as well as the font color picker button).

Step 1: add ",table" in the end of the plugins attribute.

Step 2: enable the buttons

In the theme_advanced_buttons1 attribute line, add forecolor and table into anywhere you like.

Step 3: allow tinyMCE to preserve table related html tags.

Add the following lines in the valid_elements attribute.
"-table[border=0|cellspacing|cellpadding|width|frame|rules|" +
"height|align|summary|bgcolor|background|bordercolor|style],-tr[rowspan|width|" +
"height|align|valign|bgcolor|background|bordercolor|style],tbody,thead,tfoot," +
"#td[colspan|rowspan|width|height|align|valign|bgcolor|background|bordercolor" +
"|scope|style],#th[colspan|rowspan|width|height|align|valign|scope|style]," +

3. Edit global.css to remove border resetter

At this point you should be able to add/edit table. But when you display a table, you will find the table border isn't there. That's because activeCollab's global.css removes all borders inside a table. We need to get these back.

Edit /public/assets/stylesheets/global.css and remove the following line.

So it will look like this

4. Bingo! Clear your browser cache and start use your fresh-new editor.

activeCollab vs Basecamp vs...

As a activeCollab developer, we think it is part of our job to help promoting activeCollab. Here is what we know from our clients and ourselves.

activeCollab vs Basecamp

In one word, activeCollab is old fashion self-hosted PHP script and Basecamp is SaaS.

You pay a one time license fee ($249 for small business and $499 for full package) for a copy of activeCollab and install it on your own hosting or in-house server. No limit on users, projects whatsoever. You need to take care of installation, backup. Lots of extensions and addons available.

You pay monthly subscription fee ($24-$149 per month) for Basecamp. Different pricing plans by user limit, project limit and space limit. You do not need to worry about install and backup, only need to subscribe. Also lots of extensions and addons.

activeCollab vs Open Source

There are a couple free, open source alternatives available, such as dotProject, ProjectPier.

Why pay? Because of its quality.

activeCollab is easy to use, clear to navigate and under the hood it has the best organized code base we ever seen among all the collaboration applications. You will get professional support from their staff, our 3rd party developers, as well as large amount of friendly community members.

If your business relies on a project collaboration application, you do not want to risk it on unstable, unsupported solutions.

activeCollab for small business

Saving time and money is essential for small business to survive. activeCollab provides complete solution to manage your projects, cases, timetracking, invoicing. No matter what industry you are in, as long as you still use email word excel network drive etc to communicate internally, we believe you can benefit from switching to activeCollab.

activeCollab for medium to large enterprise

Many medium to large enterprises have policies preventing them from choose SaaS to host their sensitive data. activeCollab provides the exact solution. It can be installed in these enterprises' in-house data center, behind a firewall, not to mention the faster network speed and practically unlimited attachment storage.

Our LDAP module, which enables activeCollab to authenticate against standard directory service, is many activeCollab customers' first choice before deploying to their companies.

Project exporting can not finish

We observed the exporting process sometimes stuck on the system item. Firebug reports "missing ] after element list".

Apparently it's caused by eval('response_obj = '+response);

In /public/assets/modules/project_exporter/javascript/main.js

The variable response is already an object and this eval will fail.

replace with this line with var response_obj = response;

Also, the finalize step will fail too:

if (compress_output && !warning_exists(response_obj.log))

will report response_obj is not an object.


In the same file, replace with if (compress_output && (response_obj==undefined || !warning_exists(response_obj.log)))

Print preview auto on

This issue was reported by many of my clients. After a recent Chrome update, all of a sudden they are seeing print preview automatically triggered on every page in their activeCollab.

This issue is officially solved in a emergent 2.3.5 release. If you do not want to upgrade, or your support expired. You can still find out how to fix it on your own. It is well discussed in activeCollab's forum.

Affecting browser: Chrome 13 and up
Affecting activeCollab: 2.3.4 and earlier.